Welcome to JMultPags' project!

Short description:

This project is intended to give the Linux community an easy way to use Postscript printers in a way similar to that of windows printer drivers.

The Reason:
Just a few days ago I bought a new printer. I was used to my old one (a Lexmark Z-22), which hat a very, very nice print front-end in which you could choose papersize, see the printer status, etc. But when I bought my new Laserprinter, I saw that the driver was just a filter for lp. I was deceived, the datasheet said that I was going to be able to print several pages per sheet, to use margins and several other good options... but it didn't said that this was just with the Windows driver.
So, I began to search the Internet and found that there were some good programs to convert a Postscript file to a multipage-per-sheet postscript. But they were text-based (like most Unix programs), so I decided to build my own graphical interface.

Why in Java?
Well, to be serious, I think that Java is not the best choice, but I was building another Java project and I was too lazy to swich of language. After all, this project is simply a front-end, so it could be done in almost any programming language.

Main points:
With JMultPags you'll be able to redirect the print output of several programs (like OpenOffice or Netscape) to a new, virtual, printer that will open a dialog where you will be able to choose several print settings and then send the actual job to the printer.
Sounds nice, isn't it? If so, proceed to the manual section and there you'll find more.