JMultPags' manual


Hi, welcome to JMultPags' manual. As this is an small and simple program, this manual won't be too long (at least, I hope so).


Once you've downloaded the .tar.gz file, you only need to extract them to wherever you want to have the sources, for example:

  bash$  cd /tmp
  bash$  mkdir temporary_folder
  bash$  cd temporary_folder
  bash$  cp file_you_downloaded.tar.gz .
  bash$  gunzip file_copied.tar.gz
  bash$  tar -xf file_copied.tar
  bash$  cd JMultPags

       #now let's compile the sources

  bash$  cd src
  bash$  javac -d ../classes jmpage/*.java

       # now you have the binaries in the classes directory.
       # simply login as root and proceed to install

  bash$  su
       # type in your password

  bash$  cd ..
  bash$  ./


If there's no error... perfect! You've got the program installed.
To try it, simply type: "jmultpags" and the program should start and show a window similar to the following one:


Parameters' explanation:

On this main screen you might choose several options:

Printing from other programs:

If you call jmultpags with a --input commandline parameter, you'll tell the program to print whatever comes from it's standard input.

With this option you can use jmultpags in a pipelined commad like:

  bash$ cat /tmp/ | jmultpags --input

And, more important (at least, for me) you can use it to print from other programs!
Let's see an example. Suppose you want to use jmultpags to print from Mozilla. You just need to go to File-->Print-->Properties and in the Print command textfield type:

                            jmultpags --input

Now, when you print a webpage, the jmultpags dialog will open and let you choose comfortably your printing settings.

Let's see now how to configure it to work from OpenOffice.

Simply open the OpenOffice's printer setup and press "New printer". In the next dialog choose "Add printer" and "Generic printer" when prompted. In the dialog where you are asked for a command to print, simply type "jmultpags --input". Now give a name to this printer, choose it as default and you're ready to print throught this wonderful program.